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Josefina Garcia- Abaunza- Architect  – jan 28  2018

Doing a kitchen  remodel ? It is the most complex  space to do a reno ,  but it’s also  the most upgraded room in any house. Let’s face it,  this space  can  sell your  house.

The  design plan is  the most important part  so that everything works and there is a flow of movement, views  and function. 

Research your needs and get inspiration  – Look in the market  what is available in your area. Find  the finishes, that’s where the owner has to make most the informed decisions. Define Your  Style  and make the  decisions about the cabinets,  color,  make etc, the countertops, quartz  vs  granite  or silverstone. Backsplash   tile or stone.

These decisions  go hand on hand with  your budget and organization for the RENO since  every provider will have a time frame  and of course a budget proposal.

Trends ….

The trend is  subway tile or something more luxurious depending on the style. 

Black or white ?  lately all the kitchens  have a black finish and they are looking awesome !

White kitchens have their charm!  but I think they are more difficult to accomplish successfully here are some examples done in panama  both of them have white cabinets 

The top photo, is a kitchen done at a PH at Amador, is very  modern and the latest electronics and gadgets.

The second photo is a kitchen in Panama City, it  has a black countertop from silestone with a backsplash white of the same material .

About me

I studied Architecture Design and have been trained as an architect with a Master’s in architectural design and more than 25 years of professional experience, I have done many works related to Architecture, Design and construction. All sizes, some small Renos and some only Architectural or Interior Design(Plans), others larger commercial and residential works. It’s not the size, what matters are the ideas and the development.    

I’ll leave you a link to my Professional site below, so you can see where I come from, what is my background. Thank you!

kitchen reno

remodel kitchen  saving existing wall tile

small kitchen

Light color cabinets and black countertops 

country - farm kitchen

farm,  but a bit more modern 

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