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Our vision

How to transform our spaces  ?  where can we get the inspiration and  the know how to be able to do change our spaces  and  achieve  our designs. Where can we find the products to make these architectural or  interior design changes.  How to  reach our goals ? Who can help us achieve our  dream designs our dream project ?  This is a reference , a guide, an architectural  platform to inspire us and offer products and  creatives  in the Panama area, to help answer questions about architecture and design process and takes us from the conceptual to the finish design and construction .

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The idea is to create a hub, a platform for the creative community in Panama, to provide with all necessary information, the best  tips, to help when you are starting  a design project or a renovation, a place to meet  the creatives in pty -who can help you, to know about the  products available in pty -product review – and information on where to find these products,  as well a as a review of  the newest trends in the architectural design market. A blog to inform and be inspired, or instructions on how to manage and search for products for a project. Also  we want to offer a gallery of  photographs dedicated to spaces that are renovated or new – architecture  from all over the world, and any inspiring and engaging photograph to help in the decision-making  process, to help with the completion of any renovation project in pty  by making it a reality.

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